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Success stories


I consult both - private and legal entities - since 2005. I did not automate my processes, all the records about customers, scheduled meetings and active projects I kept in my diary or just remembered.


Anime navigator

We have recently stared using "Prostoy Business" program, but we already can see some improvements. Since the beginning of this spring, we are focused on the promotion of our site. And until now everything was not as smooth as we would like it to be. Anime Navigator site is seven month old and it contains pretty good information for everybody interested in anime and Japanese culture.


Nuga best

Nuga Best Company provides different health products and has many branches. I am the head of one of these branches. Currently we are deploying an advertising campaign to attract new customers and at the same time working on design improvements into our leased premises.


Business lunch

I would hardly call my activities a business, as it is more like a hobby, which has recently begun to be profitable. I really love to cook but I have no enough money yet to open my own restaurant.



The scope of our activities is an organization of celebrations, birthdays and other events of this kind. We take over the entire process of organization from the beginning to the end. At first glance, it may seem easy and simple.