The scope of our activities is an organization of celebrations, birthdays and other events of this kind. We take over the entire process of organization from the beginning to the end. At first glance, it may seem easy and simple. But if you approach

your work seriously, and try to please customers every time, to surprise them with the level of services provided, it appears that there are so many small things, which you don't want to miss. It is hard to remember everything and sometimes it is impossible to correct missteps. That is why we implement "Prostoy Business" program in our company.

We are very pleased with the communication tools provided by the program. It allows to connect customers,partners and staff even if they are on their way. And there is always a necessity to to clarify something or to give advice or to suggest new options. The program rescues us in all those cases. The program also helps to facilitate access to information resources. It allows almost everything: helps to implement new projects, enables us to monitor the execution of the tasks and to evaluate new business opportunities. "Prostoy Business" is an essential management assistant, it offers an opportunity to control the quality and speed of execution of the various tasks. All data and information are well protected and encrypted. In addition, you can limit access to the information for different users. Our staff enthusiastically accepted the possibility of collaborative work on the documents.

Furthermore, the implementation of the program was carried out very quickly and required low financial investments. The process of the learning of a new software environment was easy and entertaining.

"Prostoy Business" makes our work more productive and efficient. This program has dispelled our delusion that the automation is an expensive and difficult process requiring special knowledge and skills. It is a pity that we do not know the possibilities of the system before - we could have prevented many mistakes and also could have improved our performance.