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Customer Relationship Management


CRM-system "Prostoy Business" will help to manage the relationship with customers and the process of selling your goods or services to a new level.

CRM features for customer management:

  • maintaining a client base (customer accounting);
  • reminders of calls;
  • calls to customers on IP-telephony;
  • SMS and e-mail newsletters, fax directly from the customer base;
  • automatic document templates;
  • funnel sales, sales reports;
  • connection of applications from the site to the CRM-system;
  • Adding a client by an incoming letter or a call;
  • create a new case for the client right in his card.

To try the CRM system for free, click here.

To make the process of implementing CRM more efficient, break it down into the following stages:

  1. Register in the demo version of "Prostoy Business", choose the version of the program convenient for you (CRM for Windows or Online CRM), register your organization and invite employees to it.
  2. Create a client base on the proposed standard structure or edit it if necessary. Import your customers.
  3. Open access to the client database to your managers.
  4. Connect your IP telephony or use our built-in.
  5. Connect corporate mail, put frequently asked questions into the knowledge base, in order to increase responsiveness to customers.
  6. Download the logo of your company into the program so that it is inserted into automatic templates of documents (account, contract, act) or send us examples of your documents, and we will make the necessary templates for you.
  7. Associate the customer base with the order table.
  8. Analyze the sales funnel, set the conditions for displaying diagrams, charts and sales reports for the period you need.
  9. Connect applications from your site to the CRM system.
  10. Download the application CRM-system iOS or Android to your phone or tablet and keep abreast of all the news on workflows.