Business Fields

  • For what type of business fields the software is applicable?

    "Prostoy Business" is a universal set of tools for company's management, which can be applied in various fields, including education and government systems, business entities e. t. c. It is especially suitable for needs of small and medium businesses.

    You can consult with our managers or you can install the program and verify its applicability to your business personally.

    Originally this software was developed for our company, so we tested it before launching. The necessity to implement flexibility was stipulated by the fact that we work on different projects from different fields. It turned out, that "Prostoy Business" system is really effective, simple and easy-to-use, so we decided to share it with others.

  • There are several brunches in my company, is "Prostoy Business" applicable in such case?

    Actually, companies with several branches benefit more from implementation of "Prostoy Business" system then organizations with one brunch. As program works in accordance with social networks principles, it perfectly satisfies the needs of distributed organizations, ie, needs of companies that run remote offices and departments, hire remote employees, provide distance learning or other distance services.


  • Is "Prostoy Business" free?

    Yes, you can download the program and start using it immediately, and there is no need to buy a license or to rent a server, you also don't have to sign up anything, or to adjust program. Administration does not required as well.
    All the basic functions are absolutely free, you pay for additional services only. What is more - you pay for services as you use it. This applies to IP telephony, hosting and services provided by our specialists.

    We conduct an advertising campaign as part of which each registered user gets the possibility to try the paid version for FREE. The offer is valid until January 1, 2012.

  • Is it possible to buy "Prostoy Business" as a platform and put it on a server?

    The program was primarily developed for small business that don't require personal server and that appreciate this advantage.

    For large business customers we offer another version which implies installation to company's local server.

Skill requirements

  • Do I need any special skills to install a program?

    No, "Prostoy Business" is designed for everyone, all you need for the installation is just a basic computer skills. If there is any problem - you can always contact our support.

    The program is easy-in-use and does not require any special trainings. It will take you around 10-15 minutes to understand it. Your skills will be improved automatically during your work with the software, as its interface is very simple and intuitive. Actually, it is as simple as social network's interface.

  • Is it difficult to learn the program?

    The program is simple for learning and easy-to-use. It will take you around 10-15 minutes to understand it. Your skills will be improved automatically during your work with the software, as its interface is very simple and intuitive. Actually, it is as simple as social network's interface.


  • What distinguishes "Prostoy Business" from other similar programs?

    There are many features that make "Prostoy Business" different from other programs, among them:

    • Wide functionality. "Prostoy Business" combines basic functionality of business management systems, including project management (PM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), clients relationship management (CRM), human resourse management (HRM) and document management system. Co-operative working tools, time and personal effectiveness systems are also implemented.
    • Allows effective communication and increases speed of work processes.
    • Enables autonomous (off-line) work: agent program caches all the data available for user and after the connection with server is established, the data goes to the server and user gets all appropriate updates.
    • Program is free and economically feasible.
    • Program is universal. It perfectly meets the needs of small and medium businesses regardless of their business fields (the systems mentioned above are suitable for large business, whereas organization of business processes in small/medium is significantly different).
    • Presence of 5 versions of programs: Windows-program, web-version, in which you can work from any browser, applications for Mac OS, iOS and Android. Full functionality has a Windows-version, the web version is almost inferior to it, Mac OS, iOS and Android have the basic functionality, which is quite enough for full-fledged work.
    • Tech support is provided and program is very easy in learning. Usually new user spends 10-15 minutes to explore the program and than improves skills automatically during his work.
  • Does program require to implement changes into existing organization's structure?

    No. "Prostoy Business" system is based on the principles of project management. You do not need to hire a business consultant or certified professionals, and make changes in structure and job descriptions. Implementation of the system will not interrupt your core business processes. The very process of the implementation of the system can be superimposed on the current activity easily.

  • Which features are available after the program is installed?

    We provide the following features for each user:

    • Registration for one organization
    • A possibility to create one website
    • A possibility to create up to 50 tasks
    • 200 MB of free space for personal use
    • A possibility to add up to 200 contacts in the CRM client base
    • Video conferencing up to 5 people
  • Is it possible to control access to tasks assigned to different employees?

    Absolutely. You can set permissions for concrete tasks or the whole project. You can also limit access to to the comments and company's accounts.

  • How to change password?

    To change the password, open a personal profile and click on "Change Password" under the profile photo.

  • How to find out which version of software I am using?

    Click the cube icon in the agent window, open the additional menu. You will see the current version in the title of the "Help" menu.

  • Is there documents templates in the program?

    Yes, of course. The program contains the following templates: contracts, various types of invoices, invoices, certificates, certificates and credit cash orders. To view available templates, go to the properties window of your organization and go to the Documents tab.

  • How to invite unregistered users?

    There is an option that allows to send invitation to external users. The function is available from context menu of the tree of contacts (or of the tree of projects). After you press Invite User button, the new window will appear. Hit External tab and add e-mail address of the recipient and his name. You can also define the project he is invited to participate in. The recipient will get an email with full information (your name, name of the project and target of the project). He will also receive his login and password in the same mail and the link for the downloading of "Prostoy Business" program to his computer.

Technical issues

  • Technical requirements for appropriate work of "Prostoy Business" software

    Technical requirements for appropriate work of "Prostoy Business" software:

    • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7
    • At least 1 GHz CPU speed
    • At least 1 GB of RAM memory
    • At least 300 MB of free disk space (1 GB for more convenient caching and data retrieving)
    • Headset with microphone (for thelephony)
    • Web-camera and appropriate software (for video chat)
  • Traffic flow and connection speed

    Usually in a standard office work intensity the traffic flow is about 0.3 Mb per hour. It includes all operations, such as e-mails, task's performance, socializing and chatting inside the organization's boards, and other basic processes of business management (traffic increases when you download big files by the size of the file). The program is optimized for both - high and low-speed (GPRS) Internet connections. 64 kbit / sec is enough for the proper work of the program. Installation and first launching is better to perform using high-speed connection. During the installation the traffic flow is about 20 MB if you download installation files from the Internet.

    1-5 minutes phone call consumes approximately 1 MB of traffic.

  • Is my data protected?

    All the components of "Prostoy Business" program are developed in accordance with the highest security standards. Data transferring is protected by encryption with 256 bits SSL industry-standard certificate. "Prostoy Agent" is certificated by Microsoft Authenicode and guarantees code integrity as well as protection against external interferences. When files goes through the server, they passes antivirus verification automatically. Stability is ensured by the cluster system of duplication and continuous data backup system. Moreover, even if there is no connection to the server, you still will be able to access the data through the data caching system (runs on the computer of the end-user), and the system is operable in conditions of minimal data transfer rate.

  • What should I do if "Prostoy Agent" does not start or system says Access Violation/Table error?

    Navigate to the folder "Prostoy.Ru" C: \ Program Files \ Prostoy.Ru or C: \ Program Files (x86)\ Prostoy.Ru - (for Windows Vista and Windows 7). Run the utility dbutility.exe. Select user, and click "Fix". After completing the repair process, run the program. If nothing changes, contact our technical support.

  • What is the location of database of the program on my computer?

    By default it is

    • Win7: C: \ Users \% USERNAME% \ AppData \ Roaming \ Druid \ data \ login_in_system
    • WinXP: C: \ Documents and Settings \% USERNAME% \ Application Data \ Druid \ data \ login_in_system.
  • Which ports should I open for the proper work of "Prostoy Agent"?

    You will need to open following ports:

    • Connection to an active server (port 5222)
    • Connection to the sip-telephony (port 5060),
    • Connection to the Web server (port 80)
  • How do I send log to the technical support?

    For sending logs to the technical support you should:

    • Navigate to Server -> Exchange server with (in the context menu of the main window)
    • When the server exchange window appears, click Send Log option (on the top of the window)
    • Describe the problem in the new window and send it