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Management of organization


Organization management in the Windows-version of the CRM-system "Prostoy Business"

CRM-system " Prostoy Business" helps to organize an effective:

  1. Customer base management (CRM or customer relationship management): add clients to a common base with different access for managers, keep the history of work with the client, put reminders on calls, quickly find the right customer, sort, group, filter clients and highlight them with colors, call, send e-mail, SMS or fax to customers directly from the database without any additional settings, quickly create any documents for the conclusion of the transaction, build a sales funnel, charts and graphs, connect orders with your th site to CRM and much more.
  2. Project and task management: lead projects, divide them into tasks, assign responsible persons, schedule and monitor their implementation, build a Gantt chart and a calendar for the project, delineate employees' access to information, exchange project files, receive alerts for changes in the project, manage the amount of information you want to receive on projects and tasks.
  3. Personnel management: form the structure of your organization, store employee cards, see the statistics of each employee's work, monitor the performance of tasks and assignments, post alerts to employees on important matters, create a knowledge base for quick training of new employees and use templates for letters and scripts, write and listen to calls customers to monitor the quality of your call center.
  4. Electronic document management: store in the program files of any type, see the history of file changes, exchange links to files with customers and partners, create document templates or use standard for online registration of transactions, scan documents for download to the program (including multi-page scanning), send documents by fax or e-mail to customers directly from the customer base.
  5. Automation of the warehouse: keep inventory of materials, finished products and balances using the warehouse automation function in "Prostoy Business". Download the list of your goods "into the warehouse" and keep them in several warehouses at the same time. Control the movement of goods in the warehouse, form and invoice customers. Conduct analysis of the warehouse using convenient tools to assess the profitability and merchantability of goods.
  6. Organize the financial management system with the built-in module "Accounting". Form out advance reports on employees, follow the balance of the organization, create a cash register and automatically generate incoming and outgoing cash orders, monitor receivables and payables. Improve financial performance of the organization with "Prostoy Business".
  7. Interaction with employees, customers and partners with a wide range of communication tools in one program: internal free telephony for communication with employees + a telephone conference for simultaneous communication with several employees or partners, profitable calls to customers directly from the client base, smart mail (incoming messages themselves are distributed by the responsible), SMS from the program to any numbers, video calls and videoconferences, fax, chat between employees and multi-chat for communication with several employees about at the same time.
  8. Increase the personal effectiveness of the manager and employees: manage the information that you want to receive and view in the program, see reports, statistics on the work of employees, impose penalties or incentives, lead a knowledge base for answering frequently asked questions and training new employees; planning cases, put reminders on important cases and receive alerts at the right time, notify a group of employees or the whole company on important news at once, conduct voting among employees (everyone can put "I like" or vice versa), arrange video meetings or discussions in multichat, save time on operative communication with employees, teamwork and intellectual mail.
  9. Manage a website or an online store: create a website of any type, from a business card site or a selling page to a full-fledged online store, connect registration and authorization, commenting information, create web forms and link them to CRM, select the finished themes of the site, add Any content on the site, place your site on the domain for free or connect your domain.

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