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Security policy

Some visitors of our site ask us: "Can you guarantee that you will not use our personal data for any purpose?", "How can I be sure that my personal data kept in your system are properly secured?" etc. In response we usually ask them: "Are your personal data so precious that we could risk large sums of money invested into development of our system, that we could risk several years of intensive efforts of our development team, that we could risk losing large amounts of profits, that we could risk our reputation and violate the laws just to do a little fraud?"

If your personal data are so precious, you shouldn't keep them not only in our server, but anywhere in the Internet. And if you trust your personal data to such unprotected channels as e-mail, social networks, ICQ and similar services you can surely trust them to our system. We protect our business and value our reputation, so we are concerned with security of your personal data even more than yourself.

All components of the software complex "Prostoy business" were developed using the highest security requirements. At the level of data transmission we use SSL encryption with the 256-bit cipher strength. "Prostoy agent" is signed with Microsoft Authenicode certificate that guarantees code integrity and protection from any kind of intrusion. Files that are transferred through the server are automatically checked with antivirus software. Uninterrupted service is achieved by means of cluster system for data duplication and a system of permanent data backup. Even in the case of server failure or losing of the Internet connection you will have access to your data by means of client side caching. The system will be functional even when using a low-speed Internet connection.

The information using in "Prostoy Business" is confidential, and a user can limit access to his private information.

Under federal law № 152 we wouldn't have right to disclose personal information even if we had access to all personal data of users. And our staffs don't have that access due to some features of the system.

And if all these safety precautions are not enough for you and your corporation security policy includes physical access to data, we can offer you to buy a license for a dedicated server, so that you would be able to control the service and protect your personal data independently.