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License agreement

All exclusive rights to the "Prostoy business" information system, located at the Internet server (hereinafter "System"), as well as all exclusive rights to the all client software, installed at the computers or mobile devices of a User (hereinafter "Software"), belong to "Prostoy.Ru" Co. Ltd. (hereinafter "Vendor"). .

By means of this Agreement Vendor conveys to the User the right of using of accounts, registered by User in the System, as well as the right to install Software at one or several computers or mobile devices.

User is allowed to use user accounts in the System and Software only in the case of full acceptance and adherence of the Public Offer, located at the site of the System. User is not allowed to attempt to circumvent data protection systems, to access the protected data, to change the source code of the Software and to decompile/disassembly the Software.

Software is provided "AS IS", i.e. Vendor is not responsible for the possible problems occurring while using of the Software, although it takes every efforts to avoid such problems.

User takes full responsibility for protecting his credentials for access to the System and/or Software and for any losses caused by illegal access using his credentials.