About us

"Prostoy.Ru" is innovative company that specializes in the development and the implementation of the management related software. We started in 2003 as a group of creative, enterprising and young people who were a subcontractors in various Internet projects. Later the projects we have worked on, were successfully launched by different state and commercial organizations. In 2006 we focused on the developing of our own product - business entities management systems. Basing on our knowledge and experience, we created "Prostoy Business" system that allows to simplify and to increase the effectiveness of the next processes:

  • client relationship management;
  • project management;
  • HR management;
  • document management;
  • organization management;
  • marketing;
  • communications;
  • bookkeeping and storage;
  • site management (cms);
  • personal effectiveness.

It is well-known fact, that enterprises, especially small businesses, are interested in innovation that allows to improve company's performance and at the same time to reduce expenditures. And that is exactly what "Prostoy Business" system offers to its customers. The system is aimed to automate management related processes, to simplify them and, like the result, to free more time and resources for the core business processes. There are more then 500 registered small and medium businesses that have already appreciated simplicity and effectiveness of the software. Larger companies, such as state and social organizations, have successfully implemented our software, programs that were developed in accordance with their specific needs.

The system we created is universal and applicable in various fields. Its implementation does not require additional time expenditures or trainings. We use it. It works.