Anime navigator

We have recently stared using "Prostoy Business" program, but we already can see some improvements. Since the beginning of this spring, we are focused on the promotion of our site. And until now everything was not as smooth as we would like it to be. Anime Navigator site is seven month old and it contains pretty good information for everybody interested in anime and Japanese culture. Our team is not as big as our tasks requires, the problem is that I and moderators - we do not have enough time to advertise a resource, to fill it with the new content, to look for advertisers and to attract new people to the project. I created few groups in social networks in order to increase the flow of the site visitors, but it turned out that the group is more frequented than the site itself, and also takes a lot of time for its promotion. Like the result we had to abandon two sub-sites and minimized the number of the existing groups in the social networks (we left just the most popular one).

To attract new employees and visitors we invested into expensive advertising, which was a huge mistake. Formation of the regular user flow requires a considerable amount of money. I notified my employees about new tasks by sending them email or message in social networks.

"Prostoy Business" program allowed us to solve several problems, including shortage of time. The download link was sent to moderators of the site, and in a couple days we have successfully created 4 projects to promote the site. program enables to assign task to employee, to add conditions of the tasks, its difficulty, execution time, the start date and the deadline. A person selected as an executive of the project is notified immediately, which seriously decreases time expenditures. Our plan to merge our site with online shop looks more real to us now, as leaders can focus on the concrete task - promotion and filling of the site.As for attracting of the new employees, I plan to create separate project in "Prostoy Business". Each moderator will receive the task to find at least two employees. Such strategy significantly extends our opportunities, and I can concentrate fully on the site.