Business lunch

I would hardly call my activities a business, as it is more like a hobby, which has recently begun to be profitable. I really love to cook but I have no enough money yet to open my own restaurant. So I provide dinner delivery services. Although in a beginning I had just a few customers, with the time I managed to get much more. When there were just a few orders, I perfectly did everything without any organizational blunders. But when I started to serve 5 companies with 15-20 employees in each, I suddenly realized, that records on the piece of paper are not good enough my manage my orders and can result in a loss of clients. When I saw "Prostoy Business" program, I came up with the idea how to solve all my problems. Previously I worked in accordance with the next scheme: I received orders by email or phone call night before or in a morning. After the orders were collected, I analyzed the quantity of the products needed and formed the list of the meals. Then I cooked, packaged dinners, prepared payment receipts and, indeed, delivered the food.

After familiarizing myself with the features of "Prostoy Business", I explained to my customers how to deal with the software and offered them to work in a new way. It was not difficult to persuade them, as the system does not require investment and at the same time it is very functional and easy to use. Powerful argument was that the program enables all of the operations online without additional installation. We agreed that order will be sent through the program (It allows to receive notifications by text messages). It protects me and the organization form the possible blunders, as it makes the order process clearer and more coherent. And my customers can not claim that I mixed up something as everything is reordered. In addition In addition, the system has simplified my paperwork - contracts, billing, payment control.

Thanks to developers for this wonderful program as it really makes my business easier.