Nuga best

Nuga Best Company provides different health products and has many branches. I am the head of one of these branches. Currently we are deploying an advertising campaign to attract new customers and at the same time working on design improvements into our leased premises. Beside this, in the new feature, we are going to review our salary policy. It is quite burdensome to call to each person. Recently I was advised to conduct business through "Prostoy Business" program. It turned out, that the program is very convenient. You can not only register all your employees, but also assign tasks to them and define specific purposes for the company.

I found "Business" function very helpful. I decided to start with small project related to the design mission. I created four "mini-tasks" on the selection of a suitable colors. The fact that you can attach documents simplifies it all. It is enough to describe requirements briefly, download the file (in our case it was 3 images with different color options and one image describing massage bed), set the time limits and specify the desirable price. With the help of this option I could easily eliminate any unnecessary questions concerning the financial issues.

All tasks are stored in a separate tab "My affairs" and divided into different categories such as "Current affairs", "Tasks assigned me," "Important tasks", "Completed tasks" and "Tasks". In "Tasks" user sees all the work that is entrusted to him for the execution. Build-in calendar is also great. You can calculate the time available for certain projects without leaving the program, and is to monitor the period of task completion. "Prostoy Business" saves both - time and money. Previosly I Conducted my business in the following way: I got orders by the email or call one night before or in the morning.