One of the earliest things you need to do is to create an organization. In order to create and customize an organization you can use Quick Start Wizard. During four simple steps user can create an organization, send invitations to this organization to other users, create first projects and set mailbox parameters. Quick Start Wizard makes all these actions easy. It runs when you start the program for the first time or when you create an organization (New > Organization from the main menu). If you turn off the option "Show Quick Start Wizard next time when running the program", the wizard will not be shown the next time when you run the program. If you want the wizard to be shown when you run the program, you should set checkbox "Show Quick Start Wizard when running the program" in program settings (Settings > Main from the main menu).

  • In Quick Start Wizard users can create their own organizations or join the existing ones. User can skip any step of the wizard or get back to previous steps.


    After clicking on the button "I want to create my own organization" a window for creation of a new organization will be shown.

    Here user can enter basic organization data. The field "Organization name" is mandatory; the rest of the fields can be filled later in organization properties window.

  • The next step of the wizard is called "Organization team". This is the team that will work on projects and tasks for this organization.

    Organization team can include both existing and new users. For registered users you need to enter their logins in "E-mail" field, for new users you need to enter their actual e-mails in this field. After that these new users will get invitations to this organization (more...).

    To invite users to an organization you can also select "Invite a user" from the menu under the butterfly in main program window or select "Invite a user" from organization context menu that can be opened by clicking on contact tree in main program window.

  • The next step of the wizard is called "Allocation of responsibilities".

    Here users can create projects and allocate responsibilities. By default the wizard creates 5 projects: three ordinary projects, bill storage and knowledge base. To change the type of the project click on the icon near the name of the project with the right mouse button and choose the appropriate type. In the list of responsible persons you will see all members of organization that already accepted their invitations.

    To create a project you can also select New > Project from the main menu or select Create > Project from the context menu of project tree window.

  • The next step is called "Mail gateway settings".

    Attention! All letters in the Inbox folder of your mailbox on the server will be deleted and moved to the task "Mail " of "Prostoy Agent".

    To create a mail gateway you need to choose mail server from drop-down list and fill "Login" and "Password" fields. In the "Login" field you should enter the full name of your mailbox. If SMTP server uses different authentication parameters you need to uncheck "Use the same login and password for SMTP authentication" checkbox and enter full e-mail address and password.

    Instead of choosing a mail server from drop-down list users can create their own mail servers. To do that you need to choose "My own server" entry from drop-down list and enter all needed parameters. You can switch between server and gateway settings by button to the right of drop-down list.

    You can set rules for created gateway or create other gateways in the organization properties window on the tab "Mail" (moreā€¦).

    After clicking on the "Next" button the process of creation of an organization is finished.


    In Quick Start Wizard users can find organizations that they need and applied them. To look for organization you need to click on the button "I want to find an organization that I work for".

    In the search string enter a search keyword and press Enter. You can use organization name, phone or e-mail as a search keyword. Below you can see the list of organizations registered in "Prostoy Business" system and relevant to the search query.

  • After selecting an organization and pressing the "Next" button you move to the next step where you can see detailed information about this organization. If you work for the selected organization you will see an appropriate message.

    Making sure that the organization that has been found is exactly that you need, you can apply it by pressing the "Next" button. After your application is approved the organization will appear in your project tree and contact tree.

    After that joining an existing organization is finished.